Thursday, August 16, 2012

Food Trucks for Foodies! Part 1

If you are a foodie like me then I am sure you love the popular food movement happening now with food trucks. Sadly around where I live they aren't any close by, but not for long. Manning, SC is hosting "3 Food Trucks and a Movie" night tomorrow, Friday August 17, 2012. They are calling it Manning's largest picnic and will be showing a movie for all to enjoy! Personally I am going for the delicious and unique food that the local food trucks will be serving.

Pawleys Front Porch is a 2012 Best of Columbia winner, with locations in 5 Points Columbia, SC and Mt. Pleasant, SC. Their food truck will be in Manning tomorrow for this exciting event and it is the one I am looking forward to the most! They will be selling their unique delicious burgers which have been featured on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". What makes their burgers so great is they grind their own meat in house and then pair the burgers with unique and interesting combinations of condiments, cheeses, and  other tasty additions. Friday they will be selling their signature burgers, fries, house-made pickles, fish tacos and much more. One burger you should try is the Isle of Palms which has house-made pimento cheese and jalapeno bacon (Yes that is right jalapeno flavored bacon!). The Fripp Island burger has southern salsa, boursin cheese, and a fried green tomato, or try the Caw Caw Creek burger with house-made jalapeno pimento cheese, bread & butter pickled green tomato, jalapeno bacon and grilled onions. All the burgers are around $9 and come with your choice of fries, chips or pasta salad. Pawleys Front Porch certainly has a different take on burgers but with their house-made items and freshly ground meat these burger should be one of the best you have eaten in a long time. I hope that you take the time if you are nearby Manning, SC and come check out all the food trucks, I will be there and I will post pictures and tell you all about my experience their tomorrow!!!
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