SC BBQ Trail

South Carolina has a diverse BBQ culture, it varies from town to town. You can't easily categorize South Carolina's BBQ but the SC Barbeque association classifies South Carolina barbeque into the 4 distinct sauces, Light Tomato, Heavy Tomato, Vinegar & Pepper, and Mustard based. No one sauce is like another, and then dry rubs are a whole different story so more info visit They also have lists of the best barbeque restaurants,

I will be making my own lists from my own experience and from friends and family. Through this blog I will compile the best places that not everyone knows about and give you tips and tricks to find these places. Think of it like the Bourban Trail but instead its BBQ! By the end I will have a complete map of the best BBQ and all the information you need, from when is best to go, what to order, and what to expect. Feel free to give me suggestions of places, and feedback on the places I have been.

BBQ is a way of life down here in the south, so lets start living!

1. School House BBQ
2252 Highway 52
Scranton, SC 29591
11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Cash or Checks Only
No Debit/Credit Cards

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  1. The First weekend in November you gotta go to the Pigs on the Ridge in Ridgeway South Carolina.. I recommend going Friday night or Early Saturday cause the BarBQ runs out fast(and there is usually a Gamecock football game to watch). Ridgeway is my home town so its distance doesnt matter to me but its about 45/1 hour from Sumter.. but Its so worth it! :)

  2. Thank you so much I will definitely try to make it!!