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Country Apron:

So today it was raining cats and dogs keeping me and my puppy Walker stuck inside all day. Well to ease my boredom I decided to make my mom an apron, something every good southern woman needs. To make it even better I used an old ugly denim skirt that my mom doesn't wear anymore, thank goodness.

So here is how I turned an old ugly skirt into a cute country apron!

1/2 yd fabric
Long Skirt
Sewing machine

1. Cut the along the back seam of the skirt. I used a serger on all my raw edges but if you don't have one then just hem them.

2. Use another apron to trace the top part onto your other fabric. This will be sewn to the skirt to make a full apron.

3. Once you have cut your fabric put right sides together and sew.

Iron seams so they lay smooth.

4. Cut strips of fabric for the ties then fold in half and serge/ sew open sides together. Measurements will depend on your size.

 5. Sew the ties onto the waistband, right sides facing each other.

 6. Do the same with the ties for the top.

7. Voila! You have an apron! Oh I put a pocket on the front but that is optional.


Email me if you have any questions. This is a great project for a beginner and I hope this tutorial was helpful. Enjoy!

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