Friday, February 15, 2013

Collecting: Hobby or Obsession?

So lately I have been checking out the local thrift stores and picking up some great treasures. I love collecting vintage housewares and accessories. My most recent finds have been colored glass pieces especially green and blue glass. Vintage ice buckets and fondue pots from the 1960s are retro and fun pieces to have in my collection. Costume jewelry and silk scarves are always a must have for me. Sadly I'm running out of room for all my stuff, its beginning to get out off hand the amount of stuff I have.

So now I'm going to turn my collection/obsession into something practical. My mother and aunt also love to collect as much as I do so we have decided to start our own business. So Market South will soon be selling the great things that I love to collect and obsess over. I want to share all my great finds with others that love vintage and antique treasures. Plus I will still be offering wedding planning services.

Online store and pictures to come soon.

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