Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday's Goodies

Today my class got canceled so I decided to go check out a thrift store I have never been to. So as I'm perusing through the furniture and I stumbled upon an interesting piece. It was a Maker's Mark display rack with mirror. And it was only marked $75! I went up to the sales clerk and asked if they would go down on the price just to see and he came back and I bought it for only $50!!! This was one of the best finds I've ever gotten. I was so ecstatic and couldn't wait to get home. It looks amazing in the house and my dad's whiskey collection will fit perfectly in it. See you never know what you will find in a thrift store especially in the south.
To celebrate my find I decide to whip up some homemade red velvet cupcakes. I was taught by my grandmother how too make them and sorry for now I will keep her recipe a secret. I choose to do cream cheese frosting instead of her frosting and they were the perfect late night treat! Every time I bake it reminds me of my mom and grandmother. I love how baking brings back the wonderful memories of my childhood. Baking is an important part of the south and defined many relationships between mothers and daughters. I try to bake as often as I can so I can appreciate my family, my roots and heritage. This is why I started Market South so I can share my experiences with discovering my past and how it affects me today.

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