Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday

So my weekly ritual of thrift store shopping is becoming difficult. I keep finding all these great things but we don't have a retail space yet so I'm running out off room to keep things. Hopefully this weekend I can get the online store up and running.
This week I found a great deal, I got an old desk in good condition for only $30! I was shocked it didn't need any work and was exactly what I needed for my computer desk. It has dovetail joints which is a sign that it is old plus it has a tag in the drawer with the name of the furniture company. These are key details to look for when shopping for authentic old furniture. I also keep coming across vintage Avon bottles fort perfume and cologne. I find one that is a house head snag another that's a pocket watch. These are unique finds and fun to collect. One thing yo keep in mind with thrift store shopping is to not focus on what you think it's worth cost wise. Look at how unique out is, have you ever seen anything like it before. Also it's functionality can you use it for something else? Also the subject matter it's it something that means something to you, looker your grandma used to have one. Money is not the focus of thrifting aside from the bargains and deals you get. I love finding unique and different things that speak to me. Keep an eye out Goethe online shop so you can buy some of my cool finds!

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