Thursday, June 14, 2012

SC Farmers Festival


This weekend in Lake City, SC is the South Carolina Farmers Festival starting June 14 - 16 for more info go I will be out there Friday I am super excited for some of the speakers and to check out what will be sold. There will be an antique car show, live music, vendors, beauty pageant, and they will announce farm of the year along with other awards. Friday there will be multiple speakers talking about gardening, farming, and much more. Here is the schedule of events for the weekend and I hope to see yall out there it should be tons of fun! Can't wait!!!!

The 6th Annual SC Farmers Festival

Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 14th
(All Thursday events are inside the Bean Market)
2:00 pm - Lake City Farmers Market Opens
Farmers Festival Gospel Concerts -
6:00 pm - Plantation Singers – Gullah Gospel Band
7:00 pm - Lake City Farmers Market Closes
7:00 pm - Mike Goodman- Gospel Comedian
8:00 pm - Crystal River- Southern Gospel Band

Friday, June 15th
(All Friday events are inside the Bean Market)
8:00 am - Gardeners/Landscapers Coffee Meet and Greet
Speakers Day - Public Welcome
8:30 am - Evan Clements (Topic: Landscaping plants and designs)
9:00 am - Tony Melton (Topic: Home Grown Maters)
9:30 am - Blake Landford (Topic: Pee Dee Agri-Tourism)
10:00 am - Will Goins (Topic: From BBQ to Grits)
11:00 am - Gail Wagner (Topic: Can Nature Knowledge Save the World)
12:00 pm - Break
1:00 pm - Aida Rogers & Tim Driggers (Topic: SC Ain’t We Got Food)
2:00 pm - Lake City Farmers Market Opens
5:00 pm - Early Bird Bingo
6:00 pm - Bingo
7:00 pm - Lake City Farmers Market Closes
7:00 pm - Entertainment – Blue Ridge Junction
8:00 pm - Big Prize Bingo
9:00 pm - Movie in the Market (Captain America)

Saturday, June 16th
(Saturday events take place at the Bean Market, Village Green,
Pole Barn and Church Street locations)
8:00 am - Farmers Market Opens (Bean Market)
Re-enactors and Demonstrators at the Pole Barn: firing of cannons every hour on the hour starting at 9am (Pole Barn)
Arts and Crafts (Bean Market)
9:00 am - Live Bands 9am-5pm (Village Green)
Kids Carnival (Village Green)
Antique Car Show (Church Street)
10:00 am - Farm of the Year Contest (Bean Market)
2:00 pm - Farmers Market Farm Vendor of the Year (Bean Market)
2:00 pm - Farmers Market Commercial Vendor of the Year (Bean Market)
2:30 pm - Antique Car Show Winners (Church Street)
4:00 pm - Festival Ends
5:00 pm - Festival Bands on the Village Green ends

*Bean Market- 111 Henry Street, Lake City, SC
**Pole Barn- Irvin Street behind Bean Market
***Village Green- Henry Street in front of Bean Market
****Church Street beside Bean Market

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